IMM offers specialized and customized fitness, nutrition and goal setting services just for moms. Whether you have biological children, adopted children, are a foster parent or are a mom-at-heart, IMM welcomes you.

Women's bodies are all different and all have varied needs based upon your history, health status, and hormonal changes; especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Learn how you can take charge of your health, your child's health and the overall health in your home in a lifestyle-focused way. 

IMM does not support fad-diets, solicit supplements, wraps, or other weight-loss products. Instead, IMM focuses on whole nutrition, physical activity, fitness classes for every fitness level pre/post-pregnancy, a supportive community and Personal Trainer/Nutritionist recommendations to fit your specific needs.

Men are not allowed in our group forums (sorry-dads), but are welcomed to family outings and family workouts.