We are passionate about building mentally, physically and emotionally strong women. 



Fitness & Nutrition

All IMM fitness classes are designed spcifically for busy moms! That's why you can bring your children (up to 2) with you to your workout. Every class is maxed out to ensure safety, and is in a private-controlled environment. 

Personal Development & Life Coaching

IMM offers group and individual goal coaching, life coaching and support for women looking for more than a physical change. Personal development coaching is ideal for those wishing to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes, and need the education, accountability and support to do so. 

Play Dates & Socials

Every month, IMM offers play dates outside of the gym for moms and kiddos to get together and simply enjoy connecting. 

In addition, IMM facilitates moms and dads night-out to help build healthy relationships outside of the gym.



“After only 3 weeks of working out (for the first time ever), I finally got to zip up one of my favorite dresses I haven’t been able to wear in years!”

-2015, Nicole Mother of 6


IMM Outings

Inspired By Purpose
Coffee Talk
Socials & Play Dates
Periscope Workouts