Why New Years Resolutions Suck (and, What to Do Instead) !

It's that time again, New Years Eve.

The time when too many realize that they never even thought about 2016 Resolutions after last January. So why do the same thing in 2017?

The truth is, New Years Resolutions SUCK if you don't have a purpose for setting them. Don't just set resolutions because everyone else is doing it. You know, the Tuesday office talk about "I`m eating clean!" as people show off their fancy Tupperware and meals they slaved over at 2am before coming in just to "make it happen."

I know, you have good intentions. You reaaaalllly want to commit to change and accomplish all the goals you've pushed to the back of your mind until you're forced to think about them again today! That's ok. Own it.

Before you become the person again this year (assuming you're like 99% of New Years Resolution setters), who doesn't accomplish their goals, I encourage you to  take the time to reflect on what 2016 gave you.

Here are a few simple life coaching tips to help you set intentions that you can work on and stick to in 2017:

1. Take time to reflect on what went well in 2016, and what really sucked! Write it down.

2. Ask yourself what made you proud of yourself in 2016. Write those things down.

3. Take time to figure out what you could have and should have done better on in 2016. Again, write it down.

4. Ask yourself: "What makes me happy?"

5. Now ask yourself "What will make me happy moving forward into tomorrow?" Expand that and dream about what you want 2017 to look like. Write it all down!

6. Congratulations. You now have a focus on paper for your New Year on what will make you happy!

7. Set goals around your happiness, and write down at least 2 ways you can begin accomplishing each goal. For example: If your goal is to workout 3x a week (because it makes you feel happy), then list out your days.

It might look something like this:

Monday: Gym workout in Inspire Me Mommy fitness class with my girlfriends! Schedule coffee date with Jane afterwards so I am able to connect socially and don't skip my workout.

Now, I`m not saying all resolutions are bad. In fact, if it takes a New Year to motivate you, all the power to you. BUT let's not forget that without daily habit changes all year long, your New Year won't equal a new you.

My advice? Focus on the things that make you happy and build your life around that. Keep it simple. The chances are that you've fallen off the wagon before because you felt you "had to do it" instead of focusing on why doing that something made you happier and healthier.

If you focus on why you like doing something, or how it will make you feel happier, you're much more likely to accomplish your goals.

Today and in 2017, I wish you health and happiness above all else.

~ Channéll