A Letter to the "Unfit Chic"

I see you, I see you hiding out, I see you pinning away on Pinterest,  I see you studying the "fitness professionals" on Instagram and Snapchat. Watching Biggest Loser, taking notes. I see you walking the grocery store, healthy food list in hand, I see the fear of judgement in your eyes, hoping no one notices the ripples in your thighs as you reach for the lettuce.

It's everywhere...the media...societies belief of what fitness LOOKS LIKE.

I picked up a health magazine recently at the grocery store, because, well, I am a personal trainer and I love to read about trends, and new exercises. What I found was sheer judgement, against myself. I didn't start training at the age of 4, I am not a size 0 or 2, or 4, and sadly the only 6 pack I will ever own is the one in the fridge... unless someone wants to start a GoFund me page for a great plastic surgeon, because really after 4 kids, that tummy will never be the same!

The media says you are not a fit chic unless you are waist training to be an exaggerated small size, it's posting pics of your butt on social media in a strip of fabric. It's not eating, it's taking supplements religiously, it's flex Fridays, it's macros, it's muscles, and booty shorts, it's judgement, and it appears to be a do or die society. All or nothing.

Yah, no thanks! I don't have time for that in my life!

So to my friend - the "unfit fit girl",

Keep pushing, keep grocery shopping, keep working hard, you are stronger than most, taking that first step, and following it up with another. You are an athlete, in your "plus size" gear! You show up, you work hard, and some days are better than others, but you keep coming back for more! You are stronger than you know and you are a true inspiration to those around you.

 I hope you realize that you don't ever have to fit into that nonsense "fitness" story society is slinging, because you, are better than there story! Please don't wait until you get into that smaller size, don't wait until 12/31, or the end of the month, don't wait anymore! Your journey, right where you are, right this moment deserves to be celebrated! YOU don't need to wait another second to celebrate everything you are.


Much Love and Respect!


An "Unfit Chic"

Christa Pepper