Play Time For Mom!

We’ve made it the life stage of early adulthood, it’s playtime for mommy! Early adulthood is a bit of an ambiguous age. The range is technically ages 18-45, but it is also a state of mind. You may notice some people do not leave their adolescents stage until many years after their actual teenage years.

The psychosocial development issue at this age is intimacy versus isolation. This centers on close relationships. This life stage is when peak functioning ability occurs: Romantically, physically, and mentally, this is the time to thrive. In terms of psychosocial development, this life stage is where, if issues from other life stages have not been resolved, it becomes harder to overcome new ones. Having a strong sense of confidence and self, developed earlier on, is essential to forming new relationships!

What is play at this age? Is it drinking and going out? Is it playing only with your kids? Perhaps it is both ends of that spectrum. Play revolves around building and maintaining close bonds. As a mom, you may notice your world revolves around your children and you are stabilizing an essential and strong bond with them. That is fantastic! You are mutually benefitting in playtime with your child; you are helping them reach their goals, and they are providing a loving relationship.

It is important to maintain intimate relationships outside of your children as well. This may seem impossible at times, but your friends will appreciate effort. Play with friends can be anything! It can be playing tennis one afternoon, going on a walk together, board game night, even play dates for your children. The point of play in early adulthood does not have to be specifically directed or undirected, you just have to do it! Do not let yourself become isolated, enjoy your relationships with both friends and family in anyway you see fit!